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Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement

The Foundation Idea for Your Building Needs

If you are looking for a reliable cement shop in Lucknow, Vindhya Distributors Pvt. Ltd. is a great option to consider. Founded in 1998 by Shri Prem Kumar Gupta, Vindhya Distributors is a distributor company of Prism Champion Cement throughout Lucknow and its neighbourhood. As we all know, cement is something that cannot be of ordinary quality when it comes to any and every type of construction. Construction activities have been on the rise in recent years and as proud citizens of the country, it is important to ensure that the best quality building materials are used in construction.

Cement Wholesale Dealers: The Center of Our Business Goals

At our company, we are proud to be one of the leading Cement Wholesale Dealers in Lucknow and the surrounding districts. Since then it has been a long time now and Mr Prem has taken the company to the next level owing to great customer satisfaction and infrastructure development. Our long-term goals have always been to provide solutions related to all building materials under one roof and we have been adamant about that. As our short-term goal, we make sure to cater to all cement-related requirements of customers in Lucknow and surrounding districts.

Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement
Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement

The Varieties

We want to play a major role in India’s growth in Infrastructure Development and want India to take new leaps in the field. For this we employ different kinds of Prism Champion Cement including Prism Champion Cement, Prism champion LPP Cement, Prism Champion Plus Cement, Prism Champion Duratech Cement, and Prism Champion All Weather.

To The Depth

Our accomplishments are the result of an unquenchable quest for excellence and pushing the envelope. The company’s basic values are unwavering and uncompromising, and they guide all of our activities as well as our welfare and development programmes.
Our Core Values include:
1. Caring for people
2. Integrity including intellectual honesty, openness, fairness and trust.
3. Commitment to Excellence
Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement

Our Core Values

Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement

Open Minded

We operate in a rapidly evolving environment and are consistently open-minded to new prospects and concepts. When we assess new chances, ourselves, our procedures, and our actions, we keep in mind the fact that we are not bound by “old” methods of doing things.

Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement


We are collaborating to accomplish our shared objectives. This holds true for all of our departments and for our company as a whole. To deliver top-notch value added services, we collaborate with both our clients and suppliers. We can do more as a team or group than we can on our alone.

Cement Shop in Lucknow, One Stop Cement


We constantly seek to develop better products and services for the benefit of our clients in order to continuously add value. We can’t remain motionless. We constantly work to do better and get better.


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